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As you know, in 2013 I founded a Travel Twitter chat called #TRLT (The Road Less Travelled) with Shane Dallas from The Travel Camel. Since 2015 my good friend, Jessica an American expat writer in Holland, and family traveller Anton from South Africa have been actively hosting the chat with us every Tuesday.

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#TRLT discusses destinations overlooked on Twitter travel chats, such as Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Central America. Amazingly #TRLT regularly ranks as one of the top 5 busiest Twitter travel chats in the world, and we have the highest response rate per question of any Twitter travel chat. We seek to inspire others to travel respectfully and to see destinations away from the usual tourist routes. Places that allow us to explore, to learn and to understand the world and its people.

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This upcoming Tuesday (October 13th) will be the 102nd consecutive #TRLT…

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